BMW Term Paper Assignment

In a world full of chaos, it is essential to have a vehicle that can keep up with speed, endure rugged terrain, and ensure the safety of those in it. Thus, car makers make sure to develop the best car bodies that are tolerant to damage, advanced chassis for better handling, and engines that produce incredible horsepower and torque. BMW depicts these features in a series of action films that show the capabilities of BMW products. The videos illustrate the utility of BMW cars such as speed and power in critical moments such as robbery, stalking, or nuisance passage, but drivers must understand the limits of their cars.

The film “The Escape” depicts that BMW can be relied upon for speed and power. It is trusted by the military to transport the specimen, as they believe it is suitable for them to “move fast, and if necessary, push back.” The driver clocks a high speed – more than 100 miles per hour, beyond that of the military trucks, and outruns them. The incredible speed for BMW has made the cars be listed among the “flying cars” (Montgomery par 1). Besides, the chopper pilot struggles to keep up with the driver. When the army agent clips the car, the driver engages reverses, and the vehicle’s power brings down the chopper. It is like cattle challenging an elephant on a tug of war. A vehicle that outruns and overpowers a helicopter is an excellent investment. Who would not want to be the fastest and most robust on the road? It is the best option in terms of speed and power.

Speed, as such, of a BMW can also be essential in robbery and hostage situations. In the “Ambush,” the BMW driver outruns the robbers despite having to endure a terrain with high traffic and areas under construction. Robbers shower the BMW car with bullets, but that does not affect its performance. While it is easy to accelerate, brake, or navigate bends with the BMW, it is not easy for the robbers’ van; they crash on construction machinery. The driver also hits a clock speed of over 140 miles per hour while maneuvering the congested road. From experience, I have seen accidents from such dangerous stunts, but the BMW does not crash. The car’s speed and endurance allow the driver to outrun robbers; thus, it is an essential vehicle for personal safety.

Understanding the performance of your car can help you stave off a nuisance within the car. In “Star,” the driver humbles the nagging lady by maneuvering in the street, causing the lady to be thrown all over the back seat. What kind of revenge would be best for an arrogant passage? It would be to do as they say – give them an experience for a drag race. The maneuvering capacity of a vehicle can help in neutralizing a threat within the vehicle. Besides, the driver is ever having fun during the drag race.

Also, having a BMW can help one to outrun a stalker. In “The Follow,” the driver quickly loses a lady who is also driving a BMW. She can swiftly change lanes and maneuver sharp corners. It is like a dog chasing a squirrel; she will jump around and on trees, changing branches until the dog is helpless. Personally, I have used this tactic to lose my friends during road trips. Therefore, speed and maneuvering capabilities can help one to lose a stalker, even in normal traffic flow easily.

Although a car is powerful and fast, it is paramount to understand that it has limits. In “Powder Keg,” the driver runs through a battlefield, but a bullet gets past the window and hits the target that the driver was rescuing. He fails to understand that besides power and speed, the van does not have bullet-proof reinforcement.  As Kim Harrison once said, “Knowing your limits is a strength, not a weakness” (Harrison 24). Similarly, I always evaluate the challenges I face to choose my battles wisely. In that perspective, the driver ought not to presume the car windows would withstand bullets. Therefore, it is essential to understand the limits of your car as they matter in chaotic situations.

Overall, through the series of action films, BMW showcases the performance of its vehicles, especially speed, power, and maneuvering capabilities. Their cars are reliable in terms of power, such that they can withstand other powerful engines such as a chopper. They have an incredible speed that is useful in evading robbers and escaping dangerous situations. Some people have used both speed and power to maneuver sharp corners and do stunts in streets and highways. Nevertheless, one must understand the limits of the car to master its strengths and weaknesses.


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