A&J’s Premium Homemade Ice Cream is a business that Anthony and June-Ann started on April 13, 2017, in Sumaria Trace, Chaguanas, as a side source of income[1]. Being a couple in the business may have been a lot easier for them, considering Anthony was still working. The family has a high probability of having common financial goals and could limit their expenses, including not paying labor expenses. This meant that the startup costs were ultimately low. As described from the case, they started with a cooler before progressing to a freezer, then a cart. Based on this case, the discussed are some of the factors that have driven their successes over time.

            It was fortunate for the business that the couple poured unwavering dedication and tenacity for the business. Although there are some days they did not get profits, their perseverance ensured that they made it. Often, for a business dealing with food items, quality must be delivered to maintain a clientele.[2] The flavors they offered were consistent over time, meaning that they had built trust with loyal customers. Also, due to the demand, the couple was willing to expand more and meet this demand. This was acknowledged by offering a wide variety of flavors.

            The couple took the business as a hobby. In their home, they enjoyed creating new flavors from different ingredients. Most of the ingredients used are local such as dark vanilla, nutmeg, ginger, coconut, turmeric, and barbasop.[3] Using such ingredients, they were able to combine them and make a unique flavor. Often, at the start of the business, they would make the ice-cream overnight, which not only showed dedication and commitment but also as a source of their happiness.

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            The couple also has a high appetite for growth. From the first day, they made $75; they knew that it was an exciting business.[4] However, due to the inadequacy of capital, they chose to start small and grow the business over time. A dedication drove most of this growth to customer service and a great product. Also, they considered different marketing initiatives, such as having great packaging and a logo.[5] The company has a presence on social media, and it launched an online platform where potential customers can purchase their ice cream for delivery.

            According to Nicole Loney-Mills, a corporate social responsibility officer at Unicomer’s Freeport Campus, the couple showed dedication and understanding of the value they provided in the market.[6] In that regard, they have an opportunity to attract investors and other forms of financing to the business. This would ensure that they grew even further. Through coaching, the company believes that the couple can create better financial systems over time and be on the verge to scale it. However, gradual growth is essential for the business, considering that they have learned a lot from the experiences. In their third year, they have performed better. Essentially, Unicomer was on the look-out for businesses that have an experience for over two years.

            Therefore, due to the dedication and perseverance discussed above, the couple would easily succeed provided that their demand keeps growing. Also, they may open different shops when the brand is established. In that regard, as noted, they would need capital from investors and financiers. Therefore, more marketing would drive even more sales due to a higher clientele.


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