about my speech presentation

  1. Introduction
    1. Hook: “Just Do It!” It is a famous catchphrase from Nike that has served as my drive for many years. In life, we are faced with many obstacles that make success difficult to achieve. But as Nike says, Just Do It whatever that you love and can make you succeed.
    1. Introduction: Hello everyone, my name is Janet Yap-Davis, and I look forward to having a productive and happy experience with you.
    1. Purpose: Within the next few minutes, I will share about myself, which will possibly inspire someone to “just do it.”
  2. Body
    1. 1st aspect of yourself: The first aspect about myself is that I am very motivated.
      1. Once I set a goal, I mobilize all my psyche to achieve that goal despite the inevitable challenges that come along the way.
        1. The difference between successful and unsuccessful people is the motivation to persist and consistently work on goals. For instance, Thomas Edison tried 1000 times before inventing the light bulb.
        1. Also, last semester I had a challenging microbiology class. My goal is to become a registered microbiologist, and therefore, with the “just do it” spirit, I pushed myself to study hard and scored an A.
    1. 2nd aspect of yourself: Another aspect about myself is that I value the moments I spend with my family.
      1. I enjoy and make sure to spend time with my husband and kids.
        1. We are fond of going outdoors on weekends to learn new things and just adventure. Mostly we go biking and hiking or hang out at beaches.
        1. This winter, I began learning how to snowboard. I am interested in it, and I feel it will make my kids get the psyche to dare do courageous things.
  3. Conclusion: These are few things about myself, that I am a very motivated person and I like spending time with my family.
    1. By the end of this class, I hope I will know myself even better and improve in some areas like public speaking.
    1. Thank you.