About my Life

My name is [INSERT NAME], aged 18 years. I am currently a student at sophomore high school, and I live in Nebraska City. My life story is both an inspiration and a challenge to others and myself. I spent my childhood life in Appalachia, which is one of the rural states of America. Being the only child, I was raised in a very lonely way. My mom, the only parent, commuted to work every day, and due to our background, she could not afford to hire a nanny, so I accompanied her to work most of the time. She owned a small grocery whereby a day could go without selling reasonable sales to cater to our basic needs. Therefore, life was hard, and even though I was still a child, I learned to be strong at that tender age, and that is where my personality as a strong and optimistic person started. My mom told me that better days were coming, and as a result, I always see life positively.

I derive most of my personality traits from my background. Firstly, I am an optimistic person. I see things positively because I believe it is through positivity that opportunities are born. I am also a strong person. Through what life showed me at a tender age, I do not lose hope quickly. Before deciding to surrender, I always try to explore possible options to solve any challenge I have. Additionally, I am an outgoing person who gets along with people easily. Despite being the only child and being brought up in a lonely environment, I tend to get along with people. Because I missed that stage in my childhood, I always have the urge to socialize, perhaps being optimistic.

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I am passionate about sports, particularly weightlifting. I feel this is my hobby, and I am working towards making it a talent. I love watching women doing weightlifting, and I am inspired explicitly by one Arab lady called Amna al Haddad. She has inspired women through weightlifting sports, and I also feel that is where my strength lies. I aspire to be an outstanding athletic in weightlifting and motivate women to live healthy lifestyles through sports.  Other hobbies that I have are swimming, watching, and socializing.

My number one role model is my mom because she made sure I got the best she could afford despite being a single mom. I genuinely feel she is one of the best things that have happened in my life. Despite having the explained personality strengths, my weakness is I rarely have time for myself. I am often on my phone with friends, and I feel I should have time to reflect on myself. However, my dream and hope are to inspire others through my story, so even if I spent all the time with others, I could not regret it.