4G Wireless Networks

The world has experienced great development when it comes to telecommunication and data transfer. This has led to the emergence of the 4G and the 3G networks. The 4G network is a wireless data transfer technology that has found many applications in the market.4G means fourth generation and it is the fastest internet technology. The 4G network is the successor of the 3G network.4G technology provides faster data transfer than the 3G technology.

The 3G technology provide data speeds of about 3.1mbps while the 4G technology has a data transfer rate of up to 12mbps.this means that the 4G network provide faster internet than the 3G.Another difference between these two technologies is that in 3G networks packet data switching technology is used. On the other hand the 4G network uses a technology that is a combination of both the packet data switching and message switching.

In terms of architecture the 3G network has a configuration that is wide area cell based. This contrasts to the 4G that uses integration of a Wireless Local Area Network and Wide Area Network. Correction of errors was hugely taken into consideration in the design of both the 4G and the 3G networks (Sauter & Germany, 2009). The 3G network uses turbo codes in the correction of errors in the network. On the other hand, the 4G network has incorporated the use of concatenated codes in the process of error correction. This has made it more effective in correcting error than the 3G network.

The operating frequency of a 3G network is about 2.0GZ which is lower than that of the 4G network that operate with frequencies of up to 8GHZ.The 4G networks are therefore more preferred by the consumers since they offer faster internet access s and data transfer rates.4G networks have found applications in the WiMax LTE……

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