4g and Beyond: Convergence of Networks, Devices and Services

Technology experts have been innovating different ways that people can use to communicate with one another from a distance without using face-to-face communication. The high need for sharing information through communication has led into different developments in the telecom sector from primitive modes of communication to the modern advancements. Ability to have free and instant access to information characterizes the present age of telecom, also referred to as the digital era.

The innovation of 4G network provides end users with the ability to communicate and share information effectively through the internet. 4G refers to the fourth-generation mobile communication standard and experts go beyond to innovating fifth, sixth, and many other generation standards. Presence of 4G and beyond mobile telecommunication standards plays a role in promoting convergence of networks, services and devices in the industry. The presence of these application services, which easier to use through many mobile devices and their ability to ensure convergence and interworking between different domains ensures the success of next-generation telecom needs (Lee, Modarressi & Mohan 16).

The 4G networking system offers more than half a million mobile applications that utilize huge quantities of date, and the number will keep on increasing as experts make more advancements in the coming years. In addition, it works on all broadband networks making it more efficient for most mobile applications. The main issue with the present mobile network is its inability to handle the high number of traffic created by users from all corners of the world. User experience promotes convergence networks through connections on the internet recorded on daily basis and the number of data sent from one user to another. On the other hand, the introduction of wireless networks such as the Wi-Fi promotes user experience and allows more interaction between users that provides a tremendous boost in the telecom industry…..

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