21st Century Life

Ju’hoansi has excellent access to both phones and the internet, which has produced a drastic change from the traditional norms of lives characteristic of hunters and gatherers. Hunters and gatherers are indeed considered to be weak political and economically, but it does not mean that they have challenges feeding themselves and their families (Lee, 2018). Some communities have opted to carry on with their hunter and gathering lifestyle, even with the advancement of the 21st century.  Hunter and gathering traditions have a lot of implications in the contemporary world, considering some of the traditional aspects of life are still evident in some of the communities that were used to the hunting and gathering lifestyle.

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Technological advances have taken over almost all aspects of life, but the trend has not rendered hunters and gatherers irrelevant in the 21st century. Evolutionism is an important concept in the modern world to help understand the evolution and transformation of human beings that have undergone over time (Lee, 2018). Internet resources cannot have exact information about the evolution that human beings have undergone over time, and fossils of hunters and gatherers are viable sources for such information. Hunters and gatherers are known to have experienced a number of challenges despite the fact that they were able to feed themselves. The lessons learned from the lifestyles of hunters and gatherers are useful in developing strategies for ensuring sustainable food supply in the current times when the human population is on the increase. An increase in the human population requires that the available technological advances should be committed or used in processes meant to increase food supply to the increased population.


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