12 Senators That Changed Texas

The voters of Texas elect members into the State Legislature to represent the people’s will in Texas decision making. These members have an obligation to their constituencies to speak and vote on the bill’s brought before them. The income they receive for their duty to the state comes directly from the taxpayer’s within the state. In The Miracle of the Killer Bees: 12 Senators Who Changed Texas Politics by Robert Heard, the negligence of 12 Texas Senators toward their political and constitutional responsibilities is unrightfully exonerated. Heard’s descriptions of the Senators, legislative actions, and political importance are extremely bias, and he does not portray the incident fairly.

The legislative bill, which instigates the controversy and events taking place in this book, calls for two separate days for primary elections. The presidential primary would be held on a different day than other political offices. The Senate, however, is to discuss another bill concerning the election, bill 1149, but it is foreseen that the house will send back the bill amended, providing for a separate-day primary. The reason for converging thoughts on bill 602, the one concerning a separate-day primary, was its effect on the democratic elections coming up.

The anticipation of a close race between Ronald Reagan and John Connelly in upcoming Republican Party’s primary election created a strong desire for conservative Democratic voter’s to participate. However, with the more conservative democrats voting on the Republican primary, the more moderate and liberal Democrats would dominate in nominating their candidates for other political offices. This took place in 1979, a time when Democrats were the Texas majority; only four of the thirty-one members of the Senate being Republican. The 602 bill would require a two-thirds majority in the Senate, which would keep it fro……

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