Impacts of College Education on My Future

My college education will have a profound impact on me and my future. As I spend each day at college, I am keen on the life decisions I make as I believe that a mistake done today may affect my future and my nursing career. As a nursing student, I expect that the skills and knowledge will affect my life’s choices and worldview. I will focus on grasping major nursing skills taught in primary and non-major courses, such as nursing assessment, diagnosis, patient education, creating treatment plans, etcetera. To acquire these skills, I will attend all primary and non-major courses offered in school and actively engage with fellow students and professors to become competent professionally and personally. I will also focus on attaining soft nursing skills such as communication and leadership skills and become more culturally competent. These skills will prepare me for managerial jobs when directing other nursing staff, such as licensed practical nurses. Besides, communication skills enable one to listen to the patients, their family members, and other medical staff when evaluating a patient’s condition for an effective treatment plan (University, n.d.). I will also improve nurses’ leadership skills which are essential in creating a positive working environment for positive patient outcomes. To develop these skills, I will join various professional and community programs organized by the nursing student bodies and assume duties in serving the community to gain experience in leadership.

I want my college education to form a basis for networking with people who will be influential in my future. Networking is a powerful career-building tool that I hope to develop and achieve in my college education. Colleges enable students to meet and interact with people from many walks of life and cultures. In preparation for the future, I will utilize all the opportunities available to learn about different cultures, which is essential for my cultural competency. These social groups may be a gate to meeting my mentors and potential employers. Besides, I will purpose to meet various professors who teach nursing fundamentals and interact with them, asking questions on basic nursing skills and theories as they are very knowledgeable. I will also regularly visit the college career center and learn what is needed in job postings, internship programs, and upcoming job fairs shared by the alumni. Building strong networking relationships will be integral in helping me secure my first nursing job after college.

Finally, I want my college education to be instrumental in my personal development plan (PDP). A college education is very instrumental in various aspects of life. For instance, I have seen that individuals who pay close attention to the practical applicability of college education provided by major and non-major courses emerge successful in their lives. An educated mind with a good personality combines to create an influential individual in society (Pathak & Chauhan, 2020). To achieve personal development, I will be attentive to common courses taught in college, emphasizing life lessons that shape students’ social behavior, such as psychology and mental health. Besides, I will be diligent in various skills taught in class that help students build opinions and gain perspectives on various things in life. Acquiring these skills will profoundly shape and elevate my personality, applicable when seeking job opportunities and relating with patients and other medical staff in my work areas. Besides, I will learn various codes of conduct instrumental when becoming a registered nurse in the future whose deeds and actions will be emulated by others.


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